Notice Grand Meeting!

Admin | 17 Nov 2015

On Tuesday, 18:00 at 8th of December SHS will be holding its annual Grand meeting.
Since matters of great importance (concerning your Internet connection that is) will be discussed it is important that you attend.

The meeting will be held in room D105 at HiS. During the meeting we will as usual be offering food and drinks.
A selection of the issues that is going to be addressed are the following:
- Selection of next year's board, nominating committee and auditor.
- Establish next year's budget.
- Discussions regarding urgent matters.

Regarding the selection of the next years board:
We would like suggestions from our members of candidates to our new board, the seats, which are available for nomination, are following:
- President Of the Board
- Admin-responsible (and vice)
- Cashier
- Secretary
- Commissioner

This is your chance to either nominate yourself or a friend that you know would fit well into our organization. Studentnätet vid Högskolan i Skövde is a non-profit society run by students for students. SHS is one of the largest student organizations in Skövde with more than 800 members. The SHS society is not in any way affiliated with the student union (Studentkåren) or the university itself.
To nominate someone, send following information to
- Name
- Phone number (for interviewing and confirming nomination)
- Motivation behind the nomination
- Qualities you think is important
All nominations shall be sent to

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