Internet problems - Broken Fiber Cable from Sunet

Helpdesk | 20 Jan 2015

At this moment it seems like our link to Sunet (the organisation providing us with Internet access) is down and causing the problems we all experience right now.

We are looking into the problem and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

UPDATE: Sunet has experienced a break in their fiber connection which affects us and at this point we do not have a time frame for when internet access will be restored. Updates will come as soon as we get them.

UPDATE 2: A technician has arrived on site. Hopefully this will give us a time frame.

UPDATE 3: The technicians are still trying to locate the fault, no estimated time frame from them yet.

UPDATE 4: A spare fiber as been assigned to us giving us internet access once again. Be prepared for future interruptions in worst case as we are returned to our regular fiber.

Sunet: "Vi har för tillfället flera fiber brott på en mellan sävja och Västerås och en mellan Bålsta - Sthlm.
Tappa kontakt för alla kunder kopplade till SUNET West röd och grön. Vi har en nytt fiber brott på sunet west grön."

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