About SHS

What is SHS

Studentnätet vid Högskolan I Skövde is a non-profit society for and by students. Established in the early 2000s SHS provides an Internet connection for all students and student organizations located in student apartments near HiS campus. SHS uses a shared 10Gbps connection provided by SUNET meaning that member's baseline speed is 100/100mbps but can often go way beyond that! SHS is not an ISP but instead provides an internet connection for its members as a perk.
SHS is not affiliated with the student union (Studentkåren) or HiS.

The SHS Volunteers

SHS is run exclusively by volunteers. The bylaws state that there are two groups in the management and development of SHS and its infrastructure. The support group and the administrator group.

The support group helps members with their technical problems related to the SHS internet connection. All board members become part of this group automatically as stated by the bylaws.

The administrator group maintains, develops, and monitors all parts of the SHS infrastructure, things like servers, routers, network equipment, software, and the webpage. To become part of the admin group, one has to be approved by the net-/sysadmin and voted in by the board.

The majority of the volunteers are students from HiS, some graduated, and some currently studying. The main focus of the SHS volunteers is to provide fast, cheap, and stable internet for their members as well as gain competence in the IT field.

Do you want to be part of the SHS crew?

The primary goal of the SHS admin group is maintenance and improvement of the SHS systems through which several hundreds of the SHS society members are connected to the Internet. As an SHS admin you get to learn how to handle the SHS systems which is [no small] feat and this knowledge and experience might become a fine complement to your education at the University of Skövde. Being a part of a team of nice guys maintaining live running systems and improving them while assuring minimum downtime will look really good on your CV.

You can choose your area of interest and gain knowledge and understanding of how it works. The SHS society intends to run short educational courses for it's members beginning with Autumn 2017. See the rules of SHS membership - any student at the University of Skövde can become a member and take part of the SHS extracurriculum.

SHS is as stated previously run exclusively by volunteers meaning that we are always on the lookout for people wanting to help out! Are you interested in IT? Do you want to expand your knowledge in:

  • Networking
  • Linux
  • Open-source software
  • Project management
  • Customer support
  • Scripting
  • IT Security
  • or Web development
Take the chance and administrate a large-scale network in an easy-going environment that focuses on competence widening. Supplementing your education with work as an admin at SHS will strengthen your CV by exposing you to more manufacturers, solutions, systems, and people outside of your education.

Perhaps you are not an "IT Person" but have seen something SHS does that you know you can improve! Then get in touch with us and help us make SHS better! We need help with things like graphical profiling, outreach, finances, and more

Send us a mail telling us about yourself to: ContactMe@studentnatet.se

SHS Bylaws

SHS is a Swedish registered non-profit society. You can find our bylaws by clicking here.

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