About SHS

What is SHS

Studentnätet vid Högskolan i Skövde is a non-profit society run by students for students. SHS is one of the largest student organizations in Skövde with more than 800 members. The SHS society is not affiliated with the student union (Studentkåren) or the university itself. SHS allows its members living in Skövdebostäder apartments access to a good and cheap internet connection. SHS uses a shared 10 Gbit connection from SUNET. As a member of SHS you gain access to some benefits, where the Internet connection is the most notable one. Remember that you are paying for a membership, not for an Internet service.

The SHS admins

SHS admins are often volunteers at the SHS helpdesk - the SHS helpdesk's goal is to help the members properly use the society's resources. Of course, as a member, you can prompt the SHS to incorporate any new software and hardware resources for educational purposes and for improvement or maintenance of the existing SHS resources. As an admin, you can make it happen.

We recruit admins

The primary goal of the SHS admin group is maintenance and improvement of the SHS systems through which several hundreds of the SHS society members are connected to the Internet. As an SHS admin you get to learn how to handle the SHS systems which is [no small] feat and this knowledge and experience might become a fine complement to your education at the University of Skövde. Being a part of a team of nice guys maintaining live running systems and improving them while assuring minimum downtime will look really good on your CV.

You can choose your area of interest and gain knowledge and understanding of how it works. The SHS society intends to run short educational courses for it's members beginning with Autumn 2017. See the rules of SHS membership - any student at the University of Skövde can become a member and take part of the SHS extracurriculum.

Become an admin

To become active send an email to helpdesk, you can use our contact form and tell us information about yourself. Or you can just show up at a meeting or grab someone you know is in SHS and they will help you out.

SHS Bylaws

SHS is a Swedish registered non-profit society. You can find our bylaws by clicking here.

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