Information Management

    Personal Information

  1. In order for you to be a member of the Student Network, we need your name, apartment number, school email and (optional) alternative email address. This is necessary to provide your apartment with the internet, stay up to date on events at SHS and, if necessary, contact you regarding your connection and / or potential infringement upon download. These data are also required to meet the requirements SUNET imposes on us.
  2. We are required to store payment information in connection with accounting as well fee management. This history is erased after seven years. For security reasons, we also store the IP address used when ordering. In addition, we are also required to know which person has an IP address at a certain point in time. Your current IP is only stored for as long as you live in the same apartment,as your IP address is bound to your apartment.
  3. Your rights

  4. You have the right to access the personal data that the Student Network has registered in accordance with applicable legislation. You may, at any time, request access to this information for free, in accordance with the laws.
  5. You may also request that we delete or correct your personal information at any time, provided we are not required to store these in accordance with applicable laws or other obligations we have.
  6. Information must be handed out / transferred safely. If the registrant sends his request electronically, and unless otherwise requested, the information shall be disclosed in electronic form.
  7. You can revoke the consent you have given us at any time. This is done by using the contact form and informing us. A prerequisite for continuing to be a member is that we have your schoolgirls and names as well as apartment information, this to provide you with the internet as well as meeting the requirements imposed by SUNET on us regarding the delivery of the internet. If you withdraw your consent, we can no longer supply you with the internet and you can not maintain your membership.
  8. You are entitled to send a complaint to the Data Inspectorate if you find that your personal information is not processed in accordance with this policy.
  9. Archiving of personal data

  10. The Accounting Act requires us to store transaction data for 7 years. This is shared with PayEx Sverige AB, which is a payment service provider for SHS.
  11. Protection of personal data

  12. The student network has good procedures and comprehensive measures to ensure that unauthorized persons may not access your personal data and that processing of information is in accordance with the requirements of current legislation. Examples of such actions are risk assessments, implementation of organizational and physical measures, access control and filing routines, as well as routines for data management and follow-up of requests for the right of transparency, correction and deletion.

    You can feel confident that the Student Network stores your personal information safely.