Rules for usage within the SHS network

Contract for use of computer, network and system resources at Studentnätet at the University of Skövde (SHS), applying as from May 2000. (Scroll down to accept these rules.)

Computer resources, networks and other equipment provided by SHS is primarily intended for educational activities but may under certain conditions be used for other non-profit purposes, like personal development. However, this is only allowed on condition that no primary activity is disturbed and current law and legislation is followed proper. SHS is linked to the Swedish University Computer Network (SUNET). Usage is governed by SUNET regulations and SUNET ethical rules. In addition, SHS has it's own rules.

Terms and conditions

All prices are in Swedish kronor (SEK) with 0% tax. The price applicable is the one shown on the payment page before proceeding to Swedbank Pay checkout.

All card payments are handled by Swedbank Pay that's a product from PayEx Sverige AB, which is PCI certified according to the security requirements for bank and credit card transactions. The certification means that PayEx uses the highest possible level of security throughout the payment process.

Members has no right of withdrawal because the service consists of membership and comes into force immediately after payment. Please contact customer service for any problems.

When membership expires on an account, an extension can be made. In order to extend the account, the member must actively renew the membership. Student network at University of Skövde does not automatically renew the membership under any circumstances.


  1. The authorization applies to a private person. This person is not allowed to sell or in any other way further transfer the authorized net capacity.
  2. Users will keep their passwords classified and will choose their passwords with care in order to hamper disclosing via a codebreaker.
  3. The authorization is time limited and will be deactivated once the student leaves the college or SHS.
  4. Any commercial use of SHS resources is strictly prohibited.
  5. No user may under any circumstances utilize the SHS services in such a way that may cause SHS, the university or Skövdebostäder to recieve a bad reputation. The user must comply with current legislation, including but not limited to copyright legislation. The user may not publish materials that can be considered offensive or questionable.
  6. E-mail account should be checked regularly by the user for any information from SHS.
  7. SHS cannot be held responsible for the systems function or access.
  8. It is not allowed to copy or disassemble programs, databases, text or data files unless permission has been recieved from the copyright owner.
  9. It is not allowed to grant oneself increased privileges or acquire another user's authorization or exploitation of misconfigurations or security holes.
  10. It is not allowed to sabotage other members or systems, nor gain illegal access to, or attempt illegally accessing other systems - local or remote. Any such misuse will be reported to the police authority.
  11. SHS has the right to limit the ability to publish and distribute materials through the SHS equipment.
  12. SHS has the first right to interpret SHS rules and regulations.
  13. Anyone who detects any misconfigurations or deficiencies that could influence the SHS equipment security or system operation must report this to the system admin.
  14. SHS has the right to change the SHS rules and conditions for using the IT resources. Users must at all times follow the laws and current versions of SUNET and SHS rules and regulations.
  15. In order to access the SHS network, a user must be a member of SHS. SHS has the right to deny usage in all other cases.
  16. SHS is only a non-profit society and can not be held responsible for any individual member files or documents. Any connected user is responsible for their computer and any other of their resources.

Monitoring and measures on rule violations

  1. In order to manage continuous operation and monitor that the regulations are followed, SHS's network administrator has the right to, without any previous notification investigate the network traffic and stored data from SHS's log files.
  2. System administrators has the right to temporarily ban member users from all system services based on suspicion of rule violations alone.
  3. Any and all detected law violations will be reported to the police.

You take upon yourself to keep yourself informed about and follow the current rules and regulations for SHS computer systems usage. You are aware that careless use and failure to comply with according instructions will result in yourself being completely shut off from the SHS system services.

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