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Public Wifi!

Did you know that there is Public Wifi in the yards at Bataljonen, Plutonen and the partyroom at Kurorten 6?
Oh, and lets not forget in the cellar at Regementsgatan 4 were we and HISTEK hang around!

Maybe not, because we just finished setting it up!

You can find the wifi password on your profile when logged into your account!
The name of the Wifi is "SHS Public", once connected to the wifi you will need to log in with your SHS username and password. Then there is internet!
This wifi is intended for all paying SHS members.

Best regards
SHS Board

Last updated 14th of October 2017
Network updates

First of all, thank you all for a fantastic intro-week! We had a blast and I hope all of you guys did.

We are currently working on setting WiFi up for the public areas in Plutonen and Bataljonen. This WiFi will be intended for the paying members of Studentnätet and will require you to login with the credentials you use with us. You will find the password to connect to the network itself in your profile

We are also working with Skövdebostäder to plan for changing the fiber and network-cables to all apartments during 2018.

Best regards,
The SHS Board

Last updated 4th of October 2017
New term, new fee, new website?

Hi everyone,
thank you all for the term that has been.

For the coming term there will be some changes.
The fee for the membership has gone up to 400 kr to cover extra expenses as new hardware and to prepare for a second 10 Gbit line (with the old one we will have 20Gbps in total!).

Also, we are in development of a new website which will offer all members direct payment via the website with creditcard!
All NEW members still have to pay within the trial period but all OLD members can wait to pay on the new website which will be launched soon! (Last date to pay is 31:st of August for old members before new term starts). This will make it easier for both you and us who deals with the administrative tasks.

During the summer the internet will go down on the 8-9th of July for a network-wide maintenence with stabilizing actions being taken.

Thank you for staying with us during this developing year and have a great summer!

Best regards,
Ted Johansson

Last updated 14th of October 2017