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You might lose internet if you haven't moved in by 6/11.


As all houses but Kurorten 12 has been moved over to the new solution, we will yet again start reinforcing that people have paid and moved in. If you live in a building that has been moved over to the new solution (e.g. everyone but K12) and have not paid and moved in by the end of Monday the 6th, you WILL lose your internet. The move in function works for all houses but K12. You cannot use the move-in function after the 6th as you won't have access to the internet. If you miss the deadline of the 6th, you MIGHT BE OUT OF INTERNET FOR DAYS as our current validation process is manual. If you miss the deadline or live in K12, send us an email via the support and we will move you in manually; We need your school username and apartment number in order to do so.

FAQ: How do I know if I've moved in?

Log into and go to the tab "Move". If you see a "Move into apartment" you have not moved in. Enter the apartment number, select your outlet you want internet from and select Move in. If you see "Move out", you are already moved in.

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The SHS board

Last updated 1st of November 2023
Official announcement after the 2023 summer outage

On the morning of the 14th of June, we lost power to parts of our system and the internet went down. This was fixed during the evening later the same day. On the morning of the 15th of June, one of our core-switches died, and since we had services connected to it that were not redundant, the internet went down then as well. During that afternoon we found out that our second, redundant core-switch did not want to start up again after a shutdown, leaving us with no powered on switches at all. We also found out that the third one we had in reserve didn't want to start either. During the following week, we at SHS spent days and nights working on a solution to get the internet back up and running again, but the solution was not pretty.

What's working:
All student apartments previously being supplied with internet by us should have access to the internet.
Our website.
Our support system.

What's not working:
A lot of internal tools for remote access and monitoring.
Giving a fixed public IP address to an apartment.
The move-in function on the website.

Where does it leave us:
The move-in function is down, but with the current, temporary, system you will still be granted internet access without its usage. You will however need to move-in when the non-temporary system is in place. As you do not have a static public IP address, you cannot host a Minecraft server (or similar) without some virtual lan software. We might also be a bit slow on the support-side.

- How could you let this happen!
SHS as a student organization has neglected the maintenance of its infrastructure for many years. Something was bound to happen sooner or later, we were just unlucky by what it happened to, and how much of it was affected. We were aware that this was a problem before this happened and we had started working on improving the system. We were not working on improving the parts that died though.

- What will you do to not let it happen again?
The core part of our infrastructure that does the heavy lifting is old. When buying replacements for what died, we will include other parts of this core-network and replace them as well.

- How can I help?
Become involved. Even if you don't know anything about networking, we need people doing stuff like accounting (if you are an economy student and want to help, contact us, there is a reason why we aren't studying it), design, or support. You don't need any prior knowledge working with the support, only that you are willing to learn.

Last updated 28th of July 2023
Annual meeting 2021


On Wednesday the 31st of March at 18:00 SHS will be holding its annual meeting.

Since matters of great importance concerning your internet connection will be discussed, it is important that you as a member attend.

The meeting will be streamed online via our Discord server (link below) in the voice channel named “Stormöte-stream”.

Discord Link:

If you want to bring a motion, you will have to send it to us at least seven (7) days before the meeting, that is 24th of March 2021. Motions should be sent through e-mail to:

Agenda annual general meeting 2021-03-31:

  • Start of meeting
  • Election of meeting chairman
  • Election of meeting secretary
  • Election of two (2) adjusters and vote counters
  • Determination of time and place for adjustment of meeting protocol
  • Establishment and approval of electoral roll
  • Confirmation of the proper announcement of the meeting according to the organization’s bylaws
  • Approval of the agenda
  • Annual report of 2020 as well as result and balance sheet
  • Audit report of 2020 and discharge from responsibility for the board of 2020
  • Establishment of the revision of the organization plan
  • Hearing of received motions
    • Adjustment of time frames for annual meetings in the bylaws
  • Information about a planned extra general meeting this semester
    • Elections of board members
    • Decision about adjustment of bylaws
  • Information from the board
  • General questions from members
  • Ending of meeting

Proposed bylaw revisions:

Kapitel 4 §7

“Föreningen håller årsmöte någon gång under perioden 1 februari till 31 mars. Tid och plats bestäms noggrannare av styrelsen.“ to be changed to  “Föreningen håller årsmöte någon gång under perioden 1 februari till 30 april. Tid och plats bestäms noggrannare av styrelsen.“ By increasing the time frame new boards will have more time to prepare for the annual general meeting as well as avoiding the annual meeting from coinciding with exam weeks. 

Kapitel 4 §10

“Föreningen håller höstmöte någon gång under perioden 1 november till 15 december. Tid och plats bestäms noggrannare av styrelsen.“ to be changed “Föreningen håller höstmöte någon gång under perioden 1 oktober till 15 december. Tid och plats bestäms noggrannare av styrelsen.” This will give the board a greater time frame to host the autumn general meeting. 

Last updated 17th of March 2021