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Fiber replacement
In the coming weeks we and Stadsnätet are working on replacing the old fiber that goes between the Fältskären, Plutonen and Bataljonen buildings. Our plan is to make sure that our members never see a drop in internet activity however it is a possibility that internet will go down for smaller amounts of time however we hope to be able to inform you before that happens and keep you guys up to date.

Best regards, SHS
Last updated 4th of September 2018
Proposed board for the year of 2018

This is the proposed board from the election commitee:
Chairman: Eskil Svensson
Treasurer: Johan Almquist
Net-admin: Samuel Thagesson
Sys-admin: Oscar Wennergren
Secretary Morgan Karlsson
Board: Lovisa Kannius, Jennifer Bårman, Christian Zidarov, Jimmy Sörensen, Mattias Vidhall
Vice-Net-admin: Jonathan Hallen
Vice-Sys-admin: Fredrik Janson
Accountant: Albin Corell
Deputy accountant: David Boya
Election commitee: Ted Johansson
Election commitee: Fredrik Janson
Election commitee: Jessica Jungsin

Nominations has also been recieved for the following persons to the following posts:
Chairman: Jimmy Sörensen
Netadmin: Jonathan Hallén
Treasurer: Eskil Svensson
Board member: Johan Almquist, Eskil Svensson, Jonathan Hallén

SHS annual meeting


På onsdag, kl 18:00 den 6:e December hålls SHS höstmöte.
Eftersom mycket viktiga frågor angående framtiden för föreningen och Din uppkoppling kommer diskuteras så är det viktigt att Du som medlem medverkar.

Mötet äger rum i sal D105 vid Högskolan. Som vanligt kommer vi bjuda på mat och dryck under mötet.
Det som skall tas upp är bland annat:

- Val av nästa års styrelse, valberedning och revisor.
- Fastslå nästa års budget.
- Diskussion kring andra viktiga frågor.

Angående valet av nästkommande års styrelse:
Vi vill gärna ha förslag från våra medlemmars kandidater till vår nya styrelse. De tillgängliga nomineringsbara posterna är följande:
- Ordförande
- Nätadministrator
- Systemadministratör
- Kassör
- Sekreterare
- Ledamöter

Detta är alltså din chans att nominera dig själv eller en vän som du vet skulle passa in i vår organisation. Studentnätet vid Högskolan i Skövde är en ideell förening som drivs av studenter för studenter. SHS är en av de största studentorganisationerna i Skövde med mer än 800 medlemmar. SHS är inte på något sätt ansluten till studentkåren eller själva högskolan.
För att nominera någon, skicka följande information till
- Namn
- Telefonnummer (För intervju och bekräftelse av nominering)
- Motivation bakom nomineringen
- Egenskaper du tycker är viktiga
Alla nomineringar ska skickas till

On Wednesday 18:00 at the 6th of December SHS will be holding its annual Grand meeting.
Since matters of great importance (concerning your Internet connection that is) will be discussed it is important that you attend.

The meeting will be held in room D105 at HiS. During the meeting we will as usual be offering food and drinks.
A selection of the issues that is going to be addressed are the following:

- Selection of next year's board, nominating committee and auditor.
- Establish next year's budget.
- Discussions regarding urgent matters.

Regarding the selection of the next years board:
We would like suggestions from our members of candidates to our new board, the seats, which are available for nomination, are following:
- President Of the Board
- NETadmin
- SYSadmin
- Cashier
- Secretary
- Commissioner

This is your chance to either nominate yourself or a friend that you know would fit well into our organization. Studentnätet vid Högskolan i Skövde is a non-profit society run by students for students. SHS is one of the largest student organizations in Skövde with more than 800 members. The SHS society is not in any way affiliated with the student union (Studentkåren) or the university itself.
To nominate someone, send following information to
- Name
- Phone number (for interviewing and confirming nomination)
- Motivation behind the nomination
- Qualities you think is important
All nominations shall be sent to

Last updated 21st of November 2017
Workshop, maintenance and Hack!
A lot of stuff is happening during November at SHS!

On the 10th of November at 18:30, SHS will hold a workshop at our office in Regementsgatan 4.
Anyone who is interested at coming is welcome to join us!
During this workshop we will have an introduction to SHS, who we are and what we do. We will also talk about network security and do some interesting internet of things during the evening.
RSVP via this google form:
Or, in case you do not like google, send the info to

On the 11-12th of November SHS will have a maintenance window, during this time upgrades to our services will be made.
This is made to further stabilize our environment and provide redundancy for our members.
More information can be found here.

Best regards,
SHS Board
Last updated 3rd of November 2017
Public Wifi!

Did you know that there is Public Wifi in the yards at Bataljonen, Plutonen and the partyroom at Kurorten 6?
Oh, and lets not forget in the cellar at Regementsgatan 4 were we and HISTEK hang around!

Maybe not, because we just finished setting it up!

You can find the wifi password on your profile when logged into your account!
The name of the Wifi is "SHS Public", once connected to the wifi you will need to log in with your SHS username and password. Then there is internet!
This wifi is intended for all paying SHS members.

Best regards
SHS Board

Last updated 14th of October 2017
Network updates

First of all, thank you all for a fantastic intro-week! We had a blast and I hope all of you guys did.

We are currently working on setting WiFi up for the public areas in Plutonen and Bataljonen. This WiFi will be intended for the paying members of Studentnätet and will require you to login with the credentials you use with us. You will find the password to connect to the network itself in your profile

We are also working with Skövdebostäder to plan for changing the fiber and network-cables to all apartments during 2018.

Best regards,
The SHS Board

Last updated 4th of October 2017