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Membership fee and payment information!

Greetings everyone, as some of you might have noticed we are currently not able to accept card payment as a way to pay for the SHS membership fee, with the reason being that we are changing payment provider as our old one Payex will cease their operations.

Unfortunately we are currently in limbo while we are waiting for the payment provider to do its acceptance test on our implementation, in short: Test, Check, Control and Accept that the new payment implementation is fully functional and following the guidelines. We are not certain when this will be finished.

Because of this new members can't yet pay with card. But we are currently accepting payment through Swish as a temporary solution. To pay with swish you have to write to our Facebook Support. And we will do our best to answer you when we have time. This is a huge overhead to our work so please bear that in mind.

This most likely only affects new members, if you have paid for VT20 (Spring Semester) you will have internet to the last of August as usual. In case we haven't got the payment service verified we will extend the time for VT20 payments to last until the last of September.

We have gotten a few questions about the membership fee and we have completely forgotten to post that the fee is the same as last year which is 500 SEK. So the membership fee for HT20 (Autumn Semester) is 500 SEK and will last until all the way through January 2021.

We will send out information when the card payment is back online and you are able to pay your membership. So no need to be stressed about that you aren't able to pay yet, we will inform everyone one week in advance of when the VT20 membership ends.

Best regards SHS - Board

Last updated 14th of August 2020
"IMPORTANT UPDATES" The annual meeting has been canceled

Due to the latest recommendations regarding COVID-19, the board has decided to postpone tomorrow's meeting (Tuesday the 31 of march). However, this is against our bylaws as we are obliged to hold our annual meeting during the period from February 1st to last March (1/2-31/3).

We hope this is okay given the current situation to ignore our bylaws,  however if our members deem that the board made the wrong decision you need 50 members that join together and announce an "Extra Annual Meeting" in accordance with Chapter 4 §18

We will evaluate the situation on an ongoing basis and as soon as a new recommendation comes, we will plan a new date for the Annual Meeting.



Annual meeting 2020


On Wednesday the 18th of March at 18:00 SHS will be holding it's annual meeting.

Since matters of great importance concerning your internet connection will be discussed, it is important that you as a member attend.
The meeting will be held in room D105 at HiS. We will provide some lighter food during the meeting.

We will be discussing several points, such as:

- Annual report for last year
- Future plans
- Establish this year's budget.
- Determination of the membership fee for the next semester.
- Voting regarding new members to the board

- Motions submitted by members.
If you want to bring a motion you will have to send it to us at least seven (7) days before the meeting, that is 11th of Mars 2020. Motions should be sent through e-mail to:

Dagordning Årsmöte 18-03-2020:

  • Mötets öppnande
  • Val av mötesordförande
  • Val av mötessekreterare
  • Val av två justeringsmän och vid omröstning tillika rösträknare
  • Fastställande av tid och plats för justering utav årsmötets protokoll
  • Upprättande och godkännande av röstlängd
  • Mötets behörighet samt stadgaenligt utlysande
  • Godkännande av dagordningen
  • Styrelsen 2019 verksamhetsberättelse, resultat- och balansräkningar
  • Revisionsberättelse för det gångna verksamhetsåret samt frågan om ansvarsfrihet
  • Fastställande av budget och verksamhetsplan
  • Inröstning av nya styrelseledamöter
  • Behandling av inkommna motioner
  • Planer för 2020
    • Medlemsavgift HT20
    • Uppgraderingar av nätverket
    • Kurortens nya byggnad (Ej SHS ansluten)
    • Samarbeten med föreningar

Random fact

During the last year, we have transferred 2,8 PB into our network and that is 400 TB more than last year. 
And out to the interwebs, we have uploaded 400 TB which is 150 TB more than last year.
Happy Surfing :)

// SHS  Board

Random fact

During the last year we have transferred 2,4 PB in to our network and 250TB out to the interwebs.